A Guide to Small Businesses Data Backup

Data is vital to all individuals and businesses at large. It ought to be protected from loss and also ensure quick access when needed and recovery in case of loss. That’s why its needs to be backed up. For small business, it couldn’t be big problem as they may not have much data to store hence it’s easy to backup and update from time to time.

Hard Drive Disks ca. 2000

What to consider before choosing a backup for your data

  • That the Data Backup Philadelphia alternative chosen adequately satisfies your storage need interns of space and amount of data to store.
  • The safety of your data; that it is free from hackers and anyone who may steal the data and use it to blackmail you, for industrial espionage or release to competitors.
  • The backup is available when needed; causing no delays to any operation in your business.
  • The backed up data is always up to date. Make it your duty to always keep up to date data. For growing businesses someone can be assigned to do the job.

Back up alternatives for small businesses

External hard disk drives
Small business could conveniently use them to back up data. They store up large amount of data and could be easily carried along or stored at an accessible place to facilitate updates and access to any vital data that could be needed. The owner has complete control of who can access the data hence any leak can be easily traced. The devices also ensure privacy of the data is maintained due to the limited access. However, their cons include; the device may suffer from failures that may result in data loss, costing the organization to recover the data or even delay operations, may be expensive to purchase and it is time consuming to save data in the device.

Use of network back up

It’s a reliable place to back up data and it also makes it easy to use; as it’s available in the network, making it accessible to all in the organization using the data. This also makes it easy to update the data; each party, playing different roles in the organization, who may make additions to the data. They are then responsible for making it available to all and backing it up too.

Pros; it enables sharing between networks, it consolidates your networks; in case you have more and it enables efficient working.

It has its cons too; it works with specific operating system, in case of failure it may be so costly to the business, it requires more backup hence it’s hard to entirely rely on it and it’s expensive to install.

Use of cloud backup

It’s the most reliable mode of back up to use more so for those that work both in the office and from home. The cloud allows you access to the data from which ever place you are and doesn’t need to be proximal to the premises. It’s also easy and fast to use, saves data in seconds and enables data recovery in case of loss or deletion within a short time; it’s reliable. The cloud however requires internet connection to backup and access your data and privacy is not guaranteed as many people access the cloud.

Backup and Recovery for Next Generation Databases

Survey Shows Massive Opportunity for Recovery and Backup Solutions Philadelphia for Databases for the Next Generation.

Datos IO research shows organizations and companies deploying high-volume, real-time applications on databases for the next generation in production to fuel growth.

Survey results that were released by Datos IO reveal that while there is increasing and immediate interest in infrastructure that is evolving to support scale-out, distributed databases and cloud databases, inadequate robust recovery and backup technologies inhibit adoption. The survey, facilitated in conjunction with Dimensional Research, examines information technology leaders’ benefits and concerns cited on the rising demand for distributed adoption of scale-out databases and applications, including Cassandra (DataStax and Apache) and MongoDB.

The report analyzed 204 information technology professionals and experts responsible for database and application operation, deployment, architecture and management across companies and businesses ranging in size from less than five hundred to more than ten thousand employees worldwide.

To remain competitive and ahead of the pack in today’s digital economy, enterprises and businesses must meet the constantly increasing demands of data by managing, running and building modern cloud applications, including real-time supply chain management, customer and security analytics, digital content and advertising and Internet of Things (IoT). Such applications require available and scalable databases deployed in the cloud or on premise for adequate scale, speed and agility.

Key findings include:

  • 75 percent plus of respondents predict and foresee databases for next generation will influence organizational and company growth in the coming twenty-four months.
  • 80 percent plus of enterprise information technology and database professionals and experts believe deployment of databases for the next generation will grow two times plus by 2018.
  • The majority of applications 54 percent of them deployed on databases the next generation are analytics related, with management of businesses, Internet of things and security apps close behind.
  • Cassandra MongoDB lead distributed deployment of databases, followed by cloud-native databases from Amazon and Microsoft.
  • 89 percent of enterprise information technology database professionals and experts declared that recovery and backup services is vital for production applications.
  • 61 percent of enterprise information technology and database professionals and experts cite poor data recovery and backup solutions available today as inhibiting adoption of next-generation database technology.

Additional resources:

Additional and exquisite information on data backup and recovery solutions for next generation databases can be found and accessed from the following reliable sources

  • Next-Generation Survey Infographic
  • Datos IO Blog

About Datos IO

Datos IO provides and solves challenges of protecting data borne by the innovations and inventions in cloud computing and big data so that enterprises and businesses can confidently and securely scale and deploy their applications or services without worrying about loss of data. Datos IO data protection software enables businesses, companies and enterprises to manage and protect their next-generation applications against loss of data, disasters, human errors and data corruptions. The results are reliable and efficient recovery in minutes rather than hours, increased productivity of DevOps and applications teams and 70 percent reduction in storage costs. This makes Datos IO to be an astute and reliable company.

Windows 10: How to Create a Recovery or Backup Drive for Your PC

When you end up losing all your data from your PC it is not the time to start wishing you had a data recovery system or a Philadelphia Data Recovery and backup drive for all the data on your PC. Instead this is something that you should always have at hand. Your backup drive should be able to hold all your files including all the system files and other files saved in your PC. This will help ensure that your data is not lost when your PC has a problem or even when it cannot start.

There are several steps that are taken to create a backup drive for all your data. For this process an external drive which will act as the backup drive is need. When making a recovery drive for the normal files an external drive with about 512 MB space is just okay. However when you are making one of all the files including the system files then a bigger drive will be better. Also when you want to make a 16 bit copy of your windows then you will need a drive of 16GB.

These steps include;
Before you start the whole process you should scan your PC to ensure you do not backup malware or files bound to be harmful to your PC

In the task bar, there is an option to create a recovery drive. Select it so as to start the whole process. In this stage you will be asked to provide a password or even confirm the option you just selected so that you can proceed to the next stage.

After this is done, the tool will open. When this is done ensure that the option to back up the system drive to the backup drive is selected after which you should then select next to move on.

When this is done, you should select next then select create for the files to start copying from your PC to the recovery drive. Because the files being copied are many, it will take time to copy all of them to the drive.

When all this done another option to delete the recovery partition from your PC will appear on your screen. In the event you do not need this partition and want to free the space in your PC select the link the select delete to go through with it. If not, then select finish to finish the whole process.

After this, you will have a recovery drive with all your important data and files from your PC. This ensures that in case you lose your data or there is a problem with your PC then you can easily recover your data from your recovery drive.

The use a recovery backup helps restore all your files and also re install some files you may have deleted by mistake or even do an image backup.

Fresh Attacks in Nigeria

There have been fresh attacks by Boko Haram Islamists on Nigerian city of Maiduguri, according to eye witnesses. There was gunfire on the streets of Maiduguri which is said to have began in the early morning of Sunday. These attacks have been launched just a week after the group tried to capture the capital of Borno but they were kept away by the Nigerian army where many lost their lives.

Boko Haram has the intention of creating an Islamic state, a guerrilla operation which they began in 2009. So far they have taken charge of many villages and towns in North- Eastern Nigeria in the year 2014. In this same year over 2000 lives were lost and at about 1.5 million people were left homeless after they were displaced.

According to the residents of Maiduguri, the attack started at 02:00GMT, and there has been heavy fighting going on the Southern side of the city between rebels and troops through the support of vigilantes who are said to have recently taken keen interest in fighting and keeping away the militants.

In the last six years of handling and dealing with Boko Haram the security forces continue to be criticized and if they lose Maiduguri, they will have suffered another key impediment. Because of this, residents of Maiduguri is said to be living in fear. They are especially afraid that the security forces can be defeated by Boko Haram.

According to reports in one of the local newspapers, there have been heavy armaments heard in the city of Maiduguri as Boko Haram militants attacked the city. They further said that the group is conducting their attacks from four directions.

Last week the group tried to take over Maiduguri but were stopped by military, but they went ahead and captured Monguo, a town that is about 125km away from the city and they went ahead to take over the military base.

There are many people who have so far fled the city of Maiduguri as a result of the attack. It is feared that if they take over that city, there would be a humanitarian disaster. It is said that the group are increasingly improving on their attacks ahead of the elections which is expected to take place in two weeks time, on February 14.

The Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan vowed that they will defeat the militants when he declared a state of emergency in Borno and other two nearby states in the year 2013. This announcement has since seen the Boko Haram group step up their attacks. It is feared that many people will not be able to vote during voting day as a result of the ongoing conflicts.

Neighboring countries which include Niger, Cameroon, Chad and Benin have agreed to contribute troops. West African task force agreed that there should be 7500 troops top fight Boko Haram; a plan that was this week supported by the African Union.

Boko Haram was founded in 2002 with the intention of opposing Western-style education thus the name Boko Haram which means ‘Western education is forbidden’ in their local language of Hausa. They then launched their military operations in 2009 with an intention to create Islamic State. So far the group has abducted many women and even school girls. It controls North-Eastern towns where they have killed thousands of people and also attacked police and UN headquarters in the capital of Abuja.

Why to Use Tape Media as Backup Solution

The usage of tape media continues to gather momentum despite the fact that there are many other Medias that one can use as backup solution.

Ten Reasons to use Tape Media

  • Affordable – As compared to other media, tape is said to be much more affordable. According to Enterprise Strategy Group, tape can cost up to five times less a VTL media which comes with duplication for backup.
  • Capacity – Tape has larger storage capacity than disks since it has the ability to hold five terabytes while disks can store up to 4 terabytes. There is a plan to make the tape storage even higher than it is currently.
  • Recovering lost Data – With tape, many people thing that once the information is lost, it cannot be recovered. This is however not the truth since there is a technology that can be used to get back lost data.
  • Familiarity – Tape was used for a long time before other storage media was introduced. This therefore means that the traditional tape will continue to be preferred by many. They are also easy to operate. According to research conducted by Gartner group, 78 percent use tape for back up. Because of this, tape being shipped is ten percent more than disk.
  • Density – the density of tape continues to increase to about 50% annually as compared to 20 percent for disk storage device.
  • Trails – most media continue to use tape for archiving. The tape leaves behind its history and can be used whenever there is need.
  • Growth – There is reportedly tape growth which is expected to go up to 45 percent increase this year. This is despite the fact that many continue to say that the use of tapes is slowly going down. Those who understand how consistent the tape is, revert from disk to the use of tapes when it comes to storing information.
  • Large Data – when it comes to storing large data, tapes continue to get bigger radically. According to research and study done by technology deployments for big data, it was found that 35 percent of respondent prefer to use tape as part of their storage infrastructure for big data
  • Reliability – The use of disk has always resulted to many users losing their data. On the other hand, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Centre says that tape media are four orders of magnitude and more reliable than disks. In addition it has been used for decades as a backup archive format and lends itself well for discovery collection requests for any Tape E-Discovery process and is usually defensible.
  • Innovation – Despite being in existence for many years, tape continues to go through innovation. The recent innovation is the use of tape as an active archive. This therefore means that it contains data that is continually used. Tape continues to evolve with the times and therefore remaining relevant in the field of data storage.

All these advantages are enough reasons to throw out your disk and get tape and start storing your important information using tapes. There are many people who think that tapes are fast fading out, but this is only propaganda that cannot be taken seriously.

It is important to way your options before your decide to completely throw out your tapes. There are different sizes of tapes and can hold different sizes of information. It is therefore important to decide which tape to use depending on the amount of information you would like to store.

The Trial of Lacey Spears, Who is accused of Murdering her son Garnet-Paul Using Salt

A murder case which is shocking and heart wrenching accuses a mother of intentionally poisoning her son who was five years old using salt. She also communicated on social media about his deterioration. This case has started in the suburbs of New York.

Lacey Spears, who is 27 and passed herself off as an extremely loyal mum, is charged with manslaughter and depraved murder in the death of Garnett-Paul Spears one year ago.

Cause of Death

Doreen Lloyd, the prosecutor, stated that the mother was purposefully feeding her son salt at a level which was toxic. The sodium levels of this boy increased to a point which was dangerous. There was no medical explanation for this. This resulted in an inflamed brain, convulsions and death.

It is believed that his mother, who is single, fed him salt via a feeding tube connected to Garnet’s tummy, while sharing his room in the hospital.

 Social Media Updates

Throughout, she updated followers with 28 postings online, 11 days prior to his death.

After his death she wrote that Garnet had passed on at 10.20 am. She had thousands of entries on Garnett’s life and most of them were about his visits to the hospital and his doctor.

At one point she posted on Tweeter that her ‘sweet angel’ had been hospitalized for the 23rd time. In 2009, November 9 she added that people should pray for him to go home soon.

The Trial

  • Selection of the jury started on Monday and a pool of 90 prospective jurors were available at the courthouse.
  • In last week’s rulings, Lacey Spears’ messages on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook were passed as important and it possible they will be presented as evidence.
  • Some photos which were posted show Garnett’s deteriorating health, stated Justice Robert Neary, the acting Supreme Court Justice.
  • Neary also discovered that prosecutors can inform jurors about Spears’ internet research which she carried out on her iPhone, on the hazards of sodium in children and the components of iodised salt.
  • Lawyers representing Spears have not publicly declared how they will conduct a defense and refused to return calls looking for comments. Lawyer Stephen Riebling stated in July that the defense would concentrate on the important facts and not fiction.
  • Other evidence in this case includes bags which were utilized in feeding Garnet, which Prosecutors state contained unusual amounts of sodium. The prosecution stated that Spears attempted to conceal by requesting a friend to dispose of a feeding bag and asking them not to reveal this to anyone.


The charge for murder alleges that Garnet was murdered in a situation indicating an abnormal indifference to the life of a human being and not intent.

It carries a similar maximum sentence as deliberate murder which is 25 years to life. The manslaughter charge states that Spears murdered her son with the intention of causing severe physical harm.

China Blocks Use of Virtual Private Network

China has blocked its citizens from using the Virtual Private Network which allows users visit websites that are outside that country.

The move has not only affected VPN but also Astrill and Golden Frog. This move by China has also blocked its citizens from accessing social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

China runs very strict censorship system which basically controls and limits the places that the people can visit and also limit what they can discuss online and what they can search. VPN seemed to be working against this censorship. This is because it was setting up an encrypted link between the individual computer and the website they would like to use and therefore giving security to users, since there will be reduced spying.

According to the Chinese State Media said the block is aimed at making sure that its users are safe. International reports claim that the move saw the Chinese fire wall was upgraded so as to reserve China’s cyberspace sovereignty.

According to Prof Xiao Qiang, from Berkeley’s School of Information, this attempt to try and terminate the use of Virtual Private Network, comes at a time when there are issues in politics of that country where reigning Communist party claimed that there is need to ensure that dishonesty by top officials be dealt with head on.

This move is therefore viewed to be political since the block seems to have been related with the political utterance and other information coming from China’s high politics which were showing in their website.

There are however those who have not been featured in this move. The large corporations in that country are not affected by this move. The network is mainly used by individuals and is not only available on computers but can also be accessed through phones.

According to the president of Golden Frog Sunday Yokubaitis, the block of VPN which affected other networks is more complicated than what they have seen before. He was however quick to point out that there are still able to get access to their servers since it was uninterrupted.

VPN said that they are working round the clock to restore their services and advised that people log on off peak so as to avoid overloading. This move by China is aimed at protecting those malicious attacks.

Police Snub Mayor during Wenjian Liu Funeral

During the funeral of the second of two officers who were gunned down on 20th December 2014, police turned their backs on New York’s mayor. The officer, Wenjian Liu, was killed with Rafael Ramos, his partner at the time. Liu, a son of Chinese immigrants, was shot dead alongside his partner by a gunman who was alleged to have grievances against the police. The funeral service was being held at Brooklyn funeral home where speakers lined up to pay tribute.

In the street outside, hundreds of people and police officers turned their backs to a video screen when the New York mayor, Bill de Blasio, spoke. In recent months Mr. de Blasio had made expressions of sympathy for anti-police protesters. As a result, many file and rank members of NYPD (New York Police Department) resented the mayor.

The city was stunned after the double murder by an African American who claims to be avenging black men killed by Caucasian police men. Bill Bratton, NYPD’s police commissioner, had urged his officers to refrain from any more ‘acts of disrespect. In a memo he is said to have stated that a hero’s funeral should be about grieving and not grievance. The mayor stated that the whole city was heartbroken during the funeral service. He added that Liu had lost his life as he was fighting for all that is decent and good. He finished by paying tribute to a man who had come from china when he was 12 years old in search of the American dream.

As the speech was relayed, many uniformed officers outside could be seen turning their backs on the screen. In one section of the crowd, a single police officer could be seen facing forward as his colleagues turned their backs on the said screen.

Patrick Lynch, the head of the city’s largest police union, had lashed out at the liberal mayor stating that there was blood on many hands. This was shortly after the policemen were shot. More than 20,000 police officers on December 27th had attended Ramos’ funeral. The sight of many lines of police turning their backs during the event had marred the event for some.  At Liu’s funeral Camille Sanfilippo, a retired NYPD detective, asked the Associated Press news agency that since the mayor had no respect for them, why should they have respect for him?

The national secretary, Patrick Yoes, with over 328,000 members in Fraternal Order of Police stated that across the country the law enforcement profession seemed to be under attack. He added that the message that people should take from this was that they were not public enemies but public servants. He made the statement right before the Liu funeral.

Both policemen were shot following the wave of demonstrations after white police officers killed a number of unarmed black men with the starting point being in Missouri, Ferguson last summer. In New York, there was a lot of anger when a grand jury decided not to charge a white police. The said officer is alleged to have place a chokehold on an unarmed Eric garner while he was being restrained by other police officers. This move resulted with the death of Mr. Garner. Mayor de Blasio had at the time expressed solidarity with the protesters. He had even publicly wondered if his mixed-race son was safe from police.

Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked

There are many websites that continue to be hacked despite many available ways to prevent and protect websites and computers from being hacked. The latest victim is Malaysia Airlines.

According to a statement released by the Airline, their Domain Name System is that one that got affected which caused the users of the website to be redirected to the website managed by the hackers. The Malaysian Airlines however said that their website was not affected and went ahead to add that the problem does not affect bookings received from customers and that their user data has continued to remain safe. They have however asked for 22 hours so that they can be in a position to fix the problem and fully restore their website to full functionality.

After the incident, official cyber caliphate commonly known as Lizard Squad, claim to have hacked into Malaysia Airlines website. Currently, the websites homepage has a picture of a lizard dressed in a tuxedo and top hat.

The hacking comes at a time when the Malaysia Airline is still recovering from other disasters that hit them recently. These disasters include the shooting down of MH17, which killed everyone on board and also the vanishing of MH370.

For those who tried to log into the website on Monday, they would be welcomed by a message saying ‘404-Plane Not Found’ and ‘Hacked by Lizard Squad’ meaning that the website had been invaded by Lizard Squad. Usually, if a page is not found there would be writing as ‘404- Page not found’ and not as it was indicated on the Airline’s website.

Earlier if you logged in to the Airlines site, there would be the words of ‘ISIS will prevail’ but this does not currently show. ISIS refers to a militant group from Islamic State. It is currently not clear what connections are there between ISIS and the Airlines. It is also not clear why the Airline was attacked and there are no clear reasons why they are a target.

While using the social media as a way of relaying information, Lizard Squad wrote on twitter that they would give out data from Malaysia Airlines but it did not give further details on when information expected.

Lizard Squad pride themselves with the hacking of other big websites and disrupting operations of big organizations like Microsoft and Sony. Last year December, those who tried to log in to play games on Xbox live could not get through. The other users who were disappointed over the Christmas holidays are those who tried to play games using PlayStations.

The hacking activity is carried out with malicious intent. Hacking can completely damage the site especially if it is used by many people. Hacking can be aimed at disrupting information. It is therefore important to take necessary and important steps to ensure that the computer and websites are well protected.