The Trial of Lacey Spears, Who is accused of Murdering her son Garnet-Paul Using Salt

A murder case which is shocking and heart wrenching accuses a mother of intentionally poisoning her son who was five years old using salt. She also communicated on social media about his deterioration. This case has started in the suburbs of New York.

Lacey Spears, who is 27 and passed herself off as an extremely loyal mum, is charged with manslaughter and depraved murder in the death of Garnett-Paul Spears one year ago.

Cause of Death

Doreen Lloyd, the prosecutor, stated that the mother was purposefully feeding her son salt at a level which was toxic. The sodium levels of this boy increased to a point which was dangerous. There was no medical explanation for this. This resulted in an inflamed brain, convulsions and death.

It is believed that his mother, who is single, fed him salt via a feeding tube connected to Garnet’s tummy, while sharing his room in the hospital.

 Social Media Updates

Throughout, she updated followers with 28 postings online, 11 days prior to his death.

After his death she wrote that Garnet had passed on at 10.20 am. She had thousands of entries on Garnett’s life and most of them were about his visits to the hospital and his doctor.

At one point she posted on Tweeter that her ‘sweet angel’ had been hospitalized for the 23rd time. In 2009, November 9 she added that people should pray for him to go home soon.

The Trial

  • Selection of the jury started on Monday and a pool of 90 prospective jurors were available at the courthouse.
  • In last week’s rulings, Lacey Spears’ messages on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook were passed as important and it possible they will be presented as evidence.
  • Some photos which were posted show Garnett’s deteriorating health, stated Justice Robert Neary, the acting Supreme Court Justice.
  • Neary also discovered that prosecutors can inform jurors about Spears’ internet research which she carried out on her iPhone, on the hazards of sodium in children and the components of iodised salt.
  • Lawyers representing Spears have not publicly declared how they will conduct a defense and refused to return calls looking for comments. Lawyer Stephen Riebling stated in July that the defense would concentrate on the important facts and not fiction.
  • Other evidence in this case includes bags which were utilized in feeding Garnet, which Prosecutors state contained unusual amounts of sodium. The prosecution stated that Spears attempted to conceal by requesting a friend to dispose of a feeding bag and asking them not to reveal this to anyone.


The charge for murder alleges that Garnet was murdered in a situation indicating an abnormal indifference to the life of a human being and not intent.

It carries a similar maximum sentence as deliberate murder which is 25 years to life. The manslaughter charge states that Spears murdered her son with the intention of causing severe physical harm.

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