A Guide to Small Businesses Data Backup

Data is vital to all individuals and businesses at large. It ought to be protected from loss and also ensure quick access when needed and recovery in case of loss. That’s why its needs to be backed up. For small business, it couldn’t be big problem as they may not have much data to store hence it’s easy to backup and update from time to time.
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Windows 10: How to Create a Recovery or Backup Drive for Your PC

When you end up losing all your data from your PC it is not the time to start wishing you had a data recovery system or a Philadelphia Data Recovery and backup drive for all the data on your PC. Instead this is something that you should always have at hand. Your backup drive should be able to hold all your files including all the system files and other files saved in your PC. This will help ensure that your data is not lost when your PC has a problem or even when it cannot start.
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Fresh Attacks in Nigeria

There have been fresh attacks by Boko Haram Islamists on Nigerian city of Maiduguri, according to eye witnesses. There was gunfire on the streets of Maiduguri which is said to have began in the early morning of Sunday. These attacks have been launched just a week after the group tried to capture the capital of Borno but they were kept away by the Nigerian army where many lost their lives.
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The Trial of Lacey Spears, Who is accused of Murdering her son Garnet-Paul Using Salt

A murder case which is shocking and heart wrenching accuses a mother of intentionally poisoning her son who was five years old using salt. She also communicated on social media about his deterioration. This case has started in the suburbs of New York.

Lacey Spears, who is 27 and passed herself off as an extremely loyal mum, is charged with manslaughter and depraved murder in the death of Garnett-Paul Spears one year ago.
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Police Snub Mayor during Wenjian Liu Funeral

During the funeral of the second of two officers who were gunned down on 20th December 2014, police turned their backs on New York’s mayor. The officer, Wenjian Liu, was killed with Rafael Ramos, his partner at the time. Liu, a son of Chinese immigrants, was shot dead alongside his partner by a gunman who was alleged to have grievances against the police. The funeral service was being held at Brooklyn funeral home where speakers lined up to pay tribute.
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Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked

There are many websites that continue to be hacked despite many available ways to prevent and protect websites and computers from being hacked. The latest victim is Malaysia Airlines.

According to a statement released by the Airline, their Domain Name System is that one that got affected which caused the users of the website to be redirected to the website managed by the hackers. The Malaysian Airlines however said that their website was not affected and went ahead to add that the problem does not affect bookings received from customers and that their user data has continued to remain safe. They have however asked for 22 hours so that they can be in a position to fix the problem and fully restore their website to full functionality.
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