China Blocks Use of Virtual Private Network

China has blocked its citizens from using the Virtual Private Network which allows users visit websites that are outside that country.

The move has not only affected VPN but also Astrill and Golden Frog. This move by China has also blocked its citizens from accessing social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

China runs very strict censorship system which basically controls and limits the places that the people can visit and also limit what they can discuss online and what they can search. VPN seemed to be working against this censorship. This is because it was setting up an encrypted link between the individual computer and the website they would like to use and therefore giving security to users, since there will be reduced spying.

According to the Chinese State Media said the block is aimed at making sure that its users are safe. International reports claim that the move saw the Chinese fire wall was upgraded so as to reserve China’s cyberspace sovereignty.

According to Prof Xiao Qiang, from Berkeley’s School of Information, this attempt to try and terminate the use of Virtual Private Network, comes at a time when there are issues in politics of that country where reigning Communist party claimed that there is need to ensure that dishonesty by top officials be dealt with head on.

This move is therefore viewed to be political since the block seems to have been related with the political utterance and other information coming from China’s high politics which were showing in their website.

There are however those who have not been featured in this move. The large corporations in that country are not affected by this move. The network is mainly used by individuals and is not only available on computers but can also be accessed through phones.

According to the president of Golden Frog Sunday Yokubaitis, the block of VPN which affected other networks is more complicated than what they have seen before. He was however quick to point out that there are still able to get access to their servers since it was uninterrupted.

VPN said that they are working round the clock to restore their services and advised that people log on off peak so as to avoid overloading. This move by China is aimed at protecting those malicious attacks.

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