Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked

There are many websites that continue to be hacked despite many available ways to prevent and protect websites and computers from being hacked. The latest victim is Malaysia Airlines.

According to a statement released by the Airline, their Domain Name System is that one that got affected which caused the users of the website to be redirected to the website managed by the hackers. The Malaysian Airlines however said that their website was not affected and went ahead to add that the problem does not affect bookings received from customers and that their user data has continued to remain safe. They have however asked for 22 hours so that they can be in a position to fix the problem and fully restore their website to full functionality.

After the incident, official cyber caliphate commonly known as Lizard Squad, claim to have hacked into Malaysia Airlines website. Currently, the websites homepage has a picture of a lizard dressed in a tuxedo and top hat.

The hacking comes at a time when the Malaysia Airline is still recovering from other disasters that hit them recently. These disasters include the shooting down of MH17, which killed everyone on board and also the vanishing of MH370.

For those who tried to log into the website on Monday, they would be welcomed by a message saying ‘404-Plane Not Found’ and ‘Hacked by Lizard Squad’ meaning that the website had been invaded by Lizard Squad. Usually, if a page is not found there would be writing as ‘404- Page not found’ and not as it was indicated on the Airline’s website.

Earlier if you logged in to the Airlines site, there would be the words of ‘ISIS will prevail’ but this does not currently show. ISIS refers to a militant group from Islamic State. It is currently not clear what connections are there between ISIS and the Airlines. It is also not clear why the Airline was attacked and there are no clear reasons why they are a target.

While using the social media as a way of relaying information, Lizard Squad wrote on twitter that they would give out data from Malaysia Airlines but it did not give further details on when information expected.

Lizard Squad pride themselves with the hacking of other big websites and disrupting operations of big organizations like Microsoft and Sony. Last year December, those who tried to log in to play games on Xbox live could not get through. The other users who were disappointed over the Christmas holidays are those who tried to play games using PlayStations.

The hacking activity is carried out with malicious intent. Hacking can completely damage the site especially if it is used by many people. Hacking can be aimed at disrupting information. It is therefore important to take necessary and important steps to ensure that the computer and websites are well protected.

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