Why to Use Tape Media as Backup Solution

The usage of tape media continues to gather momentum despite the fact that there are many other Medias that one can use as backup solution.

Ten Reasons to use Tape Media

  • Affordable – As compared to other media, tape is said to be much more affordable. According to Enterprise Strategy Group, tape can cost up to five times less a VTL media which comes with duplication for backup.
  • Capacity – Tape has larger storage capacity than disks since it has the ability to hold five terabytes while disks can store up to 4 terabytes. There is a plan to make the tape storage even higher than it is currently.
  • Recovering lost Data – With tape, many people thing that once the information is lost, it cannot be recovered. This is however not the truth since there is a technology that can be used to get back lost data.
  • Familiarity – Tape was used for a long time before other storage media was introduced. This therefore means that the traditional tape will continue to be preferred by many. They are also easy to operate. According to research conducted by Gartner group, 78 percent use tape for back up. Because of this, tape being shipped is ten percent more than disk.
  • Density – the density of tape continues to increase to about 50% annually as compared to 20 percent for disk storage device.
  • Trails – most media continue to use tape for archiving. The tape leaves behind its history and can be used whenever there is need.
  • Growth – There is reportedly tape growth which is expected to go up to 45 percent increase this year. This is despite the fact that many continue to say that the use of tapes is slowly going down. Those who understand how consistent the tape is, revert from disk to the use of tapes when it comes to storing information.
  • Large Data – when it comes to storing large data, tapes continue to get bigger radically. According to research and study done by technology deployments for big data, it was found that 35 percent of respondent prefer to use tape as part of their storage infrastructure for big data
  • Reliability – The use of disk has always resulted to many users losing their data. On the other hand, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Centre says that tape media are four orders of magnitude and more reliable than disks. In addition it has been used for decades as a backup archive format and lends itself well for discovery collection requests for any Tape E-Discovery process and is usually defensible.
  • Innovation – Despite being in existence for many years, tape continues to go through innovation. The recent innovation is the use of tape as an active archive. This therefore means that it contains data that is continually used. Tape continues to evolve with the times and therefore remaining relevant in the field of data storage.

All these advantages are enough reasons to throw out your disk and get tape and start storing your important information using tapes. There are many people who think that tapes are fast fading out, but this is only propaganda that cannot be taken seriously.

It is important to way your options before your decide to completely throw out your tapes. There are different sizes of tapes and can hold different sizes of information. It is therefore important to decide which tape to use depending on the amount of information you would like to store.

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